My name is Kenidi!
 I am the creator of SPK Ceramics, better known as, She Plants Kindness!
To be completely transparent I began my ceramic journey on a whim…
Clay had always sounded like an interesting medium but I had no idea where to begin. I researched my local classes and after just one workshop (at the infamous Clay Lady’s Campus of Nashville, TN)…
…I was hooked!!!
Ceramics has quickly become my passion, excitement, and form of meditation! Life began to shine a little brighter with clay in my hands. The world becomes a place of endless possibilities and I continue to find inspiration all around me. Through pottery I have found community, sanctuary, and purpose.  
But, most of all, I found a deeper grounding within myself!
Now I am back in sunny California, throwing vessels and coiling sculptures!
I hope that you find joy and inspiration in my creations. And,  I hope that I am able to bring a little more peace, love, and most importantly, KINDNESS to your day!